Mythalogue (May 1, 2013)

Available as both downloads or as A CD.

"With Mythalogue, they've finally hit the balance of dark progressive, avant, and theatrical vocals that works consistently from start to finish... Bottom line is, best one yet from this band, and a welcome addition to the Beta-lactam Ring roster."
— Jon Davis, Expose Magazine, September 2013

Mythalogue by The Red Masque

Release Date: May 1 2013 (Beta-lactam Ring Records). Please note BlRR is no longer active. To purchase the album go to CD Baby or Bandcamp.
Available format: Limited Art Edition CD (edition of 50) as well as custom book-bound gatefold CD with fold-out poster.

NEW! Listen to a radio interview with TRM's Brandon Lord Ross and Lynnette Shelley discussing the new album. The interview aired May 6, 2013 on the Prog Rock Diner with DJ Debbie Sears.

Press Release from BLRR: The Red Masque-Mythalogue
With the first studio outing in five years from Philly's native avant prog wunderkind, The Red Masque let loose a clarion call of avant prog gravitas to all comers here. Scions to a subterranean continuum of stormy entanglements, the tendrils that entwine on these tenebrous tunes snake out from some very auspicious pods. On Mythalogue, they take a page from Red-era King Crimson and another from those that rode the more riff-centric faultlines of the 90's avant prog revival (Present, Happy Family, Thinking Plague, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum) and fire the shredded results out of confetti cannons. Riffs crunch out fevered labyrinths, time signatures create airborne origami and vocalist Lynnette Shelley's supple, full-throated attack seals it with a kiss. This crew have been hoisted on the shoulders of some of Rock In Oppostion's most formidable figures, from their previous studio affair gaining release on Chris Cutler's ReR USA imprint to Mythalogue being mixed by 5uu's/Science Group member and avant prog magi Bob Drake. Little wonder, as the interzone of turbulent energies and high wire conniptions on hand here make plain The Red Masque's heir apparent status to this trajectory.

Album Credits

LINE-UP: Brandon Lord Ross, Lynnette Shelley, Nick Giannetti, Steve Craig.

SONG-LIST (not in order): "The Wendigo", "The Minotaur", "The Dark Salt Sea", "The Song for Icarus", "The Labyrinth", "The Sirens and the Snakes", "The Blessing", "The Hallowed", "The Curse" and "The Ruins of the Palace of Minos". Plus bonus live track "Polyphemus".

CREDITS: Special Guest: Thomas Hanslowe, Violin and Cello on "The Ruins of the Palace of Minos"
"The Minotaur", "The Wendigo", "The Dark Salt Sea", "The Song for Icarus," and "The Labyrinth" written by The Red Masque; "The Sirens and the Snakes" by L. Shelley, B. Ross; "The Blessing" and "The Hallowed" by B. Ross; "The Curse" by L. Shelley; "The Ruins of the Palace of Minos" by N. Giannetti and S. Craig; "Polyphemus" (Live at the Fire) by B. Ross, L. Shelley and Brian Van Korn
All lyrics by L. Shelley except "The Hallowed" and "The Labyrinth" by B. Ross

All songs mixed and mastered by Bob Drake, Studio Midi-Pyrenees, Caudeval, France
"The Minotaur", "The Wendigo", "The Dark Salt Sea", "The Song for Icarus," and "The Labyrinth" recorded / engineered by Mike Potter at Orion Sound Studios, Baltimore, MD in April and May 2012.
"The Blessing", "The Hallowed", "The Curse", and "The Sirens and the Snakes" recorded in Ambler, PA by B. Ross; "The Ruins of the Palace of Minos" recorded in Rockaway, NJ by S. Craig; "Polyphemus" recorded live at The Fire, Philadelphia, PA on May 1, 2011 by Kyle Graham, Fresh Produce Studios
Executive Producer: Jarmo Teräväinen;
Album Artwork by L. Shelley; Band Photography by David Pym

Below: "If I Were A Phoenix Bird" artwork (created by Lynnette Shelley), to be included as a fold-out mini poster in the gate-fold edition of Mythalogue.

If I Were A Phoenix Bird

Artist Trading Cards
In addition to the cover art and poster art, there will be 50 mini orignal artworks included in the limited art edition of the album. Each mini artwork is sized to be an artist trading card (ATC), a popular collectable format sized at 2.5 x 3.5 inches. The artworks are all hand illustrated by Lynnette Shelley in either ink, acrylic or ink (or in mixed media format) on watercolor paper and each is signed, titled and numbered on the reverse. Some examples of some of these ATCs are below. Please click on a link to view.

ATC No. 2
ATC No. 9
ATC No. 13
ATC No. 15
ATC No. 16
ATC No. 17
ATC No. 19
ATC No. 20
ATC No. 31
ATC No. 33
ATC No. 34
ATC No. 37
ATC No. 38
ATC No. 43
ATC No. 44
ATC No. 50

Mythalogue ATC by Lynnette Shelley

Mythalogue Artist Trading Card, No. 15, by Lynnette Shelley