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Elephant Talk Indie Music Fest!

The Red Masque is happy to announce that we will be performing at the 13th annual Elephant Talk Indie Music Festival in May's Landing, NJ. Details below. This is a super cool two-day festival that benefits Autism Awareness (proceeds to benefit various autism groups). There will be two stages - one indoor and one outdoor - with a variety of regional bands of various genres playing. TRM performed at this fest maybe ten years ago when it was in Atlantic City, but they moved to May's Landing some time ago. Full details on the show below. In addition, the organizer asked me (Lynnette) to design the show posters with their elephant theme, so I'll be sure to post up here when that is finalized.

Saturday, August 6, 2022 - (the festival itself runs August 5 and 6 but TRM will be playing on Saturday) Elephant Talk Indie Music Festival #13 at The Watering Hole, 6494 Weymouth Rd, Mays Landing, NJ. The Red Masque will be on the indoor stage at 8 PM. This is a benefit show for autism awareness. Addtional details to be announced.

Below: Photo from when we played Elephant Talk in 2011 (circa Mythalogue lineup) in Atlantic City. I remember it being super humid and hot, hence our humidity hair.


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