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Elephant Talk Indie Music Festival #13 UPDATE

UPDATE: The Red Maque will now take the (INDOOR) stage at 7:45 PM on Saturday, August. 6th. T-shirts are now also available, featuring artwork by me (aka TRM vocalist Lynnette Shelley). Please email fest organizer Jerry Ryan at to purchase.

Above: My two different festival poster designs. The official festival t-shirt is based off the left-hand design.


Saturday, August 6, 2022 Elephant Talk Indie Music Festival #13 at The Watering Hole, 6494 Weymouth Rd, Mays Landing, NJ. Tickets are $10 / day. All Ages. This is a benefit show for autism awareness. To order a festival t-shirt with artwork by The Red Masque vocalist Lynnette Shelley, or for any additional information, please contact concert organizer Jerry Ryan.


FRIDAY AUGUST 5TH OUTDOOR STAGE (rotating) 5:30-6-*** 6-630-Ava Faretra 630-7-second half comeback 7-730-AcT109 (MD) 730-8-We don’t exist 8-830-one last breath! (MD) 830-9-castle black (NYC) 9-930-vendetta (MD) 930-10-HeartBent (MD) 10-1030-no time for structure (NJ) 1030-11-DadBod (MD) 11-1130-Go On Red (MD) 1130-midnight-River of rhythm

INDOOR STAGE 6-630-Knomad nation 640-710-catch me if you can 720-750-Unfamous Monica & The Secret Song 8-830-the goons 840-910-Skylar Love 920-950-black light bastards 10-1030-JIMA 1040-1110-BEES! 1120-midnight-pending light

SATURDAY AUGUST 6TH OUTDOOR STAGES (rotating-starting with stage 2) Noon-1230-Mandi Stancill (solo or full band TBA) 1230-1-Auda Raquel 1-130-TRYBE 130-2-embers remain 2-230-Matchaponix 230-3-cast a circle 3-330-Famous & Fallen 330-4-Astrophels 4-430-chip Rishell 430-5-UGLI 5-530-sacred monsters (philly 530-615-AUTUMN CITY (Asbury Park) 615-645-Bethany Aline 645-715-Utter disregard(former loud love members) 715-745-CROWHUNTER (MD.) 745-815-panophonic (philly) 815-9-Laura Cheadle 9-930-the Spyders of HBG 930-10-GUTTER ROYAL 10-1030-MEATPLOW 1030-11-pistol Razr 11-1130-Estrogents 1130-midnight-khalid Quesada (2nd set)

INDOOR STAGE 12-1245-Keith Shaw 1-145-Alex Julia 2-245-BYRR 3-345-Arato Brothers 4-430-Communication lost 445-515-Syd Epik band 530-6-the skating party 615-645-the taste of vomit 7-730-bury your brother 745-830-The Red Masque 840-910-Johnny Germ 920-950-TRUANT MINDS 10-1030-Khalid Quesada (1st set) 1040-1110-the Surf Jerkz 1120-midnight-SLOKEY


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