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Welcome to the brand new The Red Masque Website!

Hello World! Welcome to the new, re-launched TRM website. The old was was getting pretty clunky and was time-consuming to keep up so we've switched to a CMS and host and hopefully made things easier for site visitors. If you catch any issues with the site, please drop us a line. We are still tweaking some pages (adding in additional photo galleries as an example), so please bear with us.

As for the band itself, we are busy working on new songs and have a cool show scheduled for Halloween weekend in Philadelphia, but we are also trying to book more shows before then. If you have word on a gig or would like to book the band, please email . We are also working out the logistics of creating some new video content for you.

To coincide with our new website, we have also added our long out-of-print debut EP, "Death of the Red Masque" (2001) and debut full-length album, "Victoria and the Haruspex" (2002) to our Bandcamp site. Check them out.

We have also gotten some brand new band photos by photographer Elena Walsh. Check them out on our Gallery page. For the light portraits, Elena created the effects all in-camera, by utilizing a slow shutter speed and moving fiber optic lights. We think you'll agree the results are really stunning.

One other announcement: While performing, The Red Masque's drummer Jim Harris, whose full name is James Severyn Clarke Harris, will be using his two middle names as a stage name. According to Jim, "Severyn Clarke is a much classier, cooler and unique sounding name that rolls off the tongue quite nicely and also has a nice rhythm to it — iambic pentameter wise." It reflects a new approach to his drumming craft, which was developed while taking advantage of the abundance of extra time he had while being confined for two years during the Covid lockdown practicing 6 to 8 hours a day. "I am still the same guy; people that are close to me can still call me Jim," he says. So say hello to Severyn!

Thanks and we hope to see you soon!

The Red Masque

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