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Studio Diary Pt. 3

Yesterday Brandon Lord Ross and I drove back to Orion Studios for a few hours to do the last few things that needed doing on the three tracks. Brandon did some synth work, as well as some echo theremin, which you can see below.

I also added backing vocals to the tracks. I had a couple of ideas for the vocals in the jam section of "Insomniac" and added a second vocal there that we may be able to do a cool mix with. And then added harmony sections to the chorus and some of the verse lines to fill out the track. "Tear the Sky Down" mainly had some harmony added to sections and then "Howl" had a few lines added to it as well, plus I had an idea for the wolf "howl" section. We'll see how that ends up in the mix.

It was a short session and we basically got through everything in three hours. At this point we need to wait for a "Template Mix" of one of the songs (probably going to use "Insomniac" for this) and then the whole band needs to listen to it and decide what tweaks and changes are needed to the sonic mix.

After that point, the band needs to finish fleshing out another three songs before we go back into the studio again to record (later this year if all goes to plan). However, we are hoping to release one of the first three songs (as well as a live track) as a single to create anticipation for the future full album. More on that later....

Here are a few pics below from Sunday. Click on an image to expand.


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