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Studio Diary Pt. 4

Hello again! Although we have not been posting publicly for the past couple of months, the band is still hard at work on the new album. As previously posted, three of our initial songs have been recorded at Orion Studios this past spring ("Howl", "Insomniac", and "Tear the Sky Down"). Engineer Joe Tracey made an initial quick mix of "Insomniac" for us to listen to, so we finally went down this past weekend to put our input on this mix. After some hours with Joe, we have a (mostly) final mix for this song. We're going to do some more listening to see if we need any addiitional tweaks, and then we'll move on to the other two songs. In addition, we've been rehearsing some more songs at our practice space so that we can record those songs in the near future. Two of these songs are finished or close to being finished ("Fever Dream" and "Fool Again") and we have one more possible song that we want to see if we can work with as well. We anticipate the final album will feature these six songs plus at least one live bonus song recorded at a show last year.

We are also considering releasing one song (with perhaps a bonus live song) as a single in advance of the full album completion as way to garner interest in the new material and possibly also help fundraise our costs for the album.

Below is a video of us listening to a mix of "Insomniac" at Orion Studios with Joe. The final song is about 9.30 minutes long so this is just a section of the song.

Some photos of everyone in the studio. Please click on an image to view larger.


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